"Musicking is thus as central in importance to our humanness as is taking part in speech acts, and all normally endowed human beings are born capable of taking part in it, not just of understanding the gestures but of making their own." - Christopher Small

The Musicking project mission is to promote the education, appreciation, and understanding of musical cultures, theories, and applications from around the world. We focus on topics which are both inaccessible and under-represented in todays music education systems, and provide a range of resources for interested individuals to explore.

The Musicking Podcast is where we started: Each episode, lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, offers a detailed introduction to a specific style or application of music. We bring you firsthand experience and insights from individuals who specialize in these musical practices, as well as supplemental musical excerpts which are thoroughly explored during the conversation.

The Musicking Blog explores the podcast topics in further detail, expanding on terminology and providing in-depth commentary on key discussion points. Alongside this rich content, we offer visual diagrams and notation of the musical excerpts played throughout the episode, allowing the listener to follow along and grasp the intricacies of the music. Additionally, we provide links to external resources and recordings, encouraging further exploration.

Although not launched yet, the Musicking YouTube channel will offer video essays focusing on specific topics covered in our previous resources. These videos will feature theoretical analyses of various musical forms, as well as insightful examinations of sociological and cultural issues that contextualize the world of music.

About the Host

Trinity Lê

Trinity Lê is a third year undergraduate student of Piano Performance at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Informed by a diverse musical background, she has noticed the discrepancies in the music education system in terms of representation and accessibility, and hopes to make a difference through the Musicking project.